has now for the second year in a row had some EarthPositive™ T-shirts printed with it's logo. When you purchase for 7.000 IKR or more (net price) at Nature's Market online store you can receive one of our T-shirs for free. The T-shirts are awailable in three sizes and two colors, both for ladies and men. You can also purchase the T-shirts without buying anything else at the Gift & Parcels department. See the  Gift & Parcels department

What is EarthPositive?
EarthPositive™ EarthPositive™ is a green revolution in promotional apparel: Climate Neutral T-shirts. Organic and ethically made, but crucially, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. EarthPositive is a practical and immediate solution for business and fashion to face their biggest challenge and take immediate action to combat climate change.

Carbon Neutral EarthPositive apparel is made in carbon neutral manufacturing facilities in India, from ‘low impact’ organic cotton, and is distributed through carbon neutral warehouses and offices in London that use only renewable green electricity.

Carbon Labelling EarthPositive apparel has reduced the carbon footprint of a T-shirt by up to 90%. However, consumers require an independent verification process and a label over the claims of individual companies. The Carbon Trust has launched the world's first life cicle carbon footprint label for clothing the CO2 Label. This carbon reduction label acts as both the verification and communication of the CO2 of EarthPositive apparel. The Carbon Trust product carbon footprinting method is the single standard for a product’s carbon footprint in the UK.

See details on Carbon label.

Total Carbon offset producing and transporting EarthPositive T-shirts:
Ladies T-shirt 576g, Men's T-shirt 671g.

The T-shirts are printed in a limited edition in Icelandic (Náttú You'll find the T-shirt of your desire in the Gifts & Parcels department. If you want to receive a T-shirt please write to us at and tell us the desired color and size. Translation of the complete Nature-market will be ready shortly.

See Men's T-shirt - Black - M.
See Women's T-shirt - Black - M.

See Women's T-shirt - Navy Blue - S.
See Women's T-shirt - Red - S.

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