Bulky and obtrusive rack-mounted solar panels may be a thing of the past.

Spurred by recent advances in technology, solar panel makers are scrambling to come up with neater and cleaner products that will overcome the aesthetic objections of home owners to traditional solar panels.

They are building their technology directly into different kinds of roof tiles, hiding them in walls and lining the tops of patio awnings with them.

"Bottom line, people don't want goofy looking roofs," said Julie Blunden of solar panel manufacturer SunPower Corp.

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July 21, 2008
Reuters „Útlit sólarorkuvera heimilanna bætt“, Náttúran.is: July 21, 2008 URL: http://natturan.is/d/2008/07/21/utlit-solarorkuvera-heimilanna-baett/ [Skoðað:Sept. 25, 2022]
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