The Green Map of Iceland is a joint international project of the Green Map® Systems project, and the University of Iceland. The Icelandic Green Map is based on the Green Map universal icon system, and the extensive work of in registering various sources on its Green Pages and supplying the map with a massive database of eco-friendly information on Icelandic business and tourism. The map is published in Icelandic on Náttú and in English on and in German on along with the enormous amount of information already displayed on the site. A printed version of the Green Map of Reykjavík was published in the autumn of 2010 and the second edition in July 2011. Around 3.000 registrations under 100 groups are already on the map. The map’s purpose is to point out the many eco-friendly opportunities available throughout the country and to encourage people to support companies who act in a responsible way towards the environment. To be registered on the Green Map please contact Basic registration is free of charge!

Take a look at the Green Map of Iceland.

The graphic shows some of the Green Map icons. From left to right:

Geological feature - Natural monuments, National parks and areas that are protcted because of their geolocical qualities.

Childrenfriendly Site - An environmentally engaging area that is safe and accessible to children.

Green Roof - Green roofs can be seen in many countries on  both urban skyscrapers and on rural homes. In Iceland green roofs are part of the building heritage belonging to the era of turfhouses. Green roofs help cool and clean the air, provide fireproofing and recycle rainwater. Ideally used for publically-accessible roofs (or tours) or sites that can be seen by the public from the street or neighbouring buildings.

Cultural Site - These contribute to the city's environment and sense of place in many important ways. Noninstitutional resources, monuments and places, even temporary events (monthly swap meet, annual eco-fair) may be included.

Energy Conservation - Site, service, project or products that minimize the use of energy

Eco-Agriculture / Permaculture - Organic farm or producer of agricultural products with organic certification by Tún. Includes also shops specialized in the sale of organic products.

Online Resource - Web adresses (or links) to good local information on the internet about environment of all kinds. They direct you towards sustainable and conserving green sites, services and resources.

Healthy Dining - The emphasis is on wholesome and healthful, fresh foods. Perhaps the ingredients are organic, and vegan foods are served. The meats come from animals that are "free range" and ethically treated. Some cities include cooperatively-owned cafes and a wide range of ethnic cuisines in this category.

Environmental Education - Can range from intensive programs within a regular school system or university, to places offering one-time environmental workshops and lectures to the public.

Rental Share - Bicycle and or Eco-Car rental or share facility or a website that facilitates traveling with ohters by sharing cost.

Responsible Company - Companies with ISO 14001 certification.

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