The Garden is our sanctuary of serenity and contentment and can be of any size and shape. The garden provides us with the opportunity to visit nature in miniature form. Also it’s a convenient way to interact with nature when we are pressed for time. A visit to the garden can be very rewarding, even if we only observe it through the window, or just think about it from afar.

Gardens can be of all types, sizes and shapes. They can be made almost entirely from stones and pebbles like Japanese gardens; they can be full of plants and wild growth; they can contain playgrounds for the children or just consist of one solitary tree. Some gardens in the countryside can be very spacious with roaming cattle, horses, cats and everything that goes with farming and the countryside in general. The garden is also the prime choice for locating composting facilities, whether they consist of just one disorganised dump of compost, or three containers specially designed for the job.

June 26, 2007
Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir „Garðurinn“, Náttú June 26, 2007 URL: [Skoðað:Dec. 2, 2023]
Efni má nota eða vitna í samkvæmt almennum venjum sé heimilda getið með slóð eða fullri tilvitnun hér að ofan.
breytt: June 13, 2014