Both the washing machine and the dryer use a lot of electricity. Therefore it is important to use an energy efficient washing machine. The energy labels: Energy Star, The European Energy label and GEEA help us to find the most efficient gadgets.

  • We recommend investment in an environmentally labelled product in energy class A.
  • It is recommended to use environmentally labelled detergents without perfumes, and softening agents should also carry an environmental label.
  • The best option is to use as little detergent as possible with reference to the instructions on the packaging. Icelandic water allows for even less detergent usage as it is not as hard as in most countries, the factor used as a determination for the amount. It is good to keep in mind that the producers may also want more detergent to be used than is absolutely necessary! It is good to mark measuring spoons and other items used for measuring with a felt pen showing the correct amount of detergent needed. Usually half of the recommended amount is enough.
  • If stain remover has to be used it is possible to obtain an environmentally benign and a labelled stain remover or to use old household advice.
  • It is best to wash a full washing machine in order to save energy.
  • New clothes can contain formaldehyde which can cause allergies and therefore it is recommended that all new clothes be washed before usage.
  • High temperatures should only be used if absolutely necessary. Bacteria in diapers and underwear die at 60°C.
  • Use the coldest wash you possibly can. If you can wash using 30°C instead of 40°C then it’s much better for the environment.
  • How much electricity the washing machine uses depends on temperature and water usage. Twice as much electricity is used when washing takes place at 90ºC than at 60ºC and four times more at 90ºC than at 40ºC.
Aug. 30, 2011
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