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The purpose of the Recycle Map is to inform the general public about recycling and to provide a thorough overview of the recycling centers for each waste category. There is no longer any excuse for not sorting your waste for recycling. 


Merki Endurvinnslukortsins yfir allt landið.Address:
The Recycle Map presents information on which services are available in your neighborhood, within a radius from 100 meters up to 100 kilometers. Location is selected according to the address you type in or found location of your computer, smartphone or pad. You can also drag the pointer to another location to see services within selected radius elsewhere in the country.

Bin Service:
By typing the name of the municipality it appears outlined on the map plus you'll see information on available bin services listed.

Containers and Services:
If you know the name of a service station type it in. That can be helpful if you want to know it's correct location or what recycelables it accepts.

You can also click on the container and service station symbols and see where all of them are located. The categories are: Service Center, Drop-Off Center, Container and Deposit Return. Access further information by cllicking on the icons. If you click on the icons on the map itself, name and address appear and by clicking further you'll see the service provider and all categories accepted at that particular station.

You can choose between several kinds of maps by clicking on the button on the right on top of the map.


To make the access to what you are looking for as easy as possible we sort the recycling categories into 12 main categories. They are: Plastic, Poison, Bottles & Cans, Glass, Yard Waste, Compost, Clothes, Metals, Household, Cars, Electrical and Paper. In each of those categories are the sorting categories with icons and names. The information is organized according to the the Fenúr labels (green icons) and according Nature's side categories (black and white icons). Details appear at the right hand side when you click on the categories and shows you which recycling centers accept particular categories, both listed and on the map.

Recycle Maps for the municipalities

Merki Endurvinnslukorts sveitarfélaganna.All municipalities in Iceland can partake in a collaborative effort with Nature.is to offer their inhabitants a complete information package through their own Recycle Map on the municipalities official website.

The municipality Recycle Maps offer the following services:

  • A complete information package on the recycling- and waste services within the community s.s.; bins, sorting counters, service centers and accepted categories .
  • Collection calendar connected to addresses af persons and companies which again connect to routing to the next service station and weather warnings on the route.
  • Subscription to iCal og Google calendars.
  • Questions and answers system.
  • Service phone 483 1500.
  • A l ink to the Recycle Map – Iceland.
  • An Icelandic and an English version.


Sponsors of the Recycle Map from the start:
Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources and SORPA bs.

Sponsors of the Recycle Map App developed in 2012:
Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, SORPA bs., Environment Fund of Landsbankinn, The Icelandic Recycling Fund, The City of Reykjavík, Gámaþjónustan hf. and Sorpstöð Suðurlands bs.

Sponsors of the Recycle Map's new editiion developed in 2014:
Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, SORPA bs. and The Icelandic Recycling Fund.

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