The Product Search on Nature's Market enables you to narrow the search down enabling you to find not only a product but also the producer, label and certification. See here to the right under Product Search on Nature's Market. The Product Search is ideal for eco-conscious shopping both by the family and by public institutions.

All products registered on Nature's Market pop up during the Product search, whether they are directly for sale or only presented. Everyone can ask for their product range to be registered on Nature's Market and thus everyone can offer the consumer to compare a wide range of products with regard to ecological criteria. See more details on the price of registration here below.

Besides the products are connected via the web to detailed information on ingredients, environmental criteria, recycling possibilities, and there are also links on news about the product, producer and other related parties.

F - Slot for products registered on Nature's Market - random ad appearance included in registration

12 month full registration on Nature's Market:

1 - 3 products - registration per product presentation 9.800*
4 - 10 products - registration per product presentation 6.840*
11 products or more - registration per product presentation 6.600*

*All prices listed in ISK (Icelandic krona) without VAD. VAD is 25,5% in Iceland. 50% discount on registration after the first year.

Graphics: Product search icon and graphic showing how the tool works. Example: Search narrowed down to producer (Móðir jörð) and label (Organic certification - Tún). Guðrún Tryggvadóttir, Signý Kolbeinsdóttir and Einar Bergmundur ©

Dec. 12, 2013

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