The Icelandic Tourist Board  introduces a new quality- and environmental standards for Icelandic tourism that has been given the name Vakinn. The main goal is to improve the quality and security within  the Icelandic tourism through guidance and support and also to raise the social responsibility of the tourism companies.

The quality system Is divided into two categories:

1.    Star grading for accommodation (from one to five stars) within 4-6 sub categories.
2.    Tourism, other than accommodation. This classification is based on two criteria’s, one is general and the other is specific for each activity ( about 20 - 25 categories)  This is not a star grading system; either the companies fulfill  all the requirements or not.  The general requirements include 116 points and the companies have to fulfill 70% of those to qualify in addition to all the specific requirements that apply to the company in question.

The main points that are taken into consideration in the quality control system (tourism, other than accommodation) are:

1.    Sale and purchase of products or service
2.    Service and customer satisfaction.
3.    Facilities, equipment and nearest surroundings.
4.    Company leadership and staff.
5.    Culture and history.
6.    Security, wellbeing and responsibility.
7.    Company management and overall success.

The environmental standard

The environmental standard is based on 8 main categories:
Strategy and general practices, inventory and resources, energy, waste, nature conservation, community, suppliers and market, customer information.
The companies are then categorized in 3 categories, gold, silver and bronze.

Formal introduction and implementation

  • Vakinn, for Tourism Other than Accommodation as well as The Environmental Standard was formally introduced in the spring  2012. The star grading system for the accommodation within Vakinn will be introduced in 2013.
  • A list of companies participating in and endorsed  by Vakinn is available at
  • The system is partly based on Qualmark, a New Zealand prototype.
  • Participants within Vakinn have access to tools such as checklists, plans etc.
  • Stefán Gíslason, environmental specialist, was the main consultant in making the environmental standards and the environmental system.
  • A representative from ICE-SAR (Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue) worked on the guidelines for the safety control strategies.
  • Included in Vakinn are ethical standards that the participants must accept and commit to in all their work
  • Vakinn is introduced in cooperation with Innovation Center Iceland, The Icelandic Travel Industry Association and The Icelandic Tourism Association.

For further information on Vakinn see

View those who have met Vakinn's environmental requirements here on the Green Pages.

Sept. 21, 2012
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