EarthcheckEarthCheck (formerlly ‘Green Globe 21’) science and systems today power some of the world’s most comprehensive environmental programs across a wide range of industry sectors. EarthCheck technology is used to underpin brands such as Green Globe where EarthCheck through its wholly owned subsidiary Green Globe Asia Pacific, which has been licensed to use the Green Globe brand since 1999 and currently has exclusive rights to the brand in the Asia Pacific and non exclusive rights in the rest of the world. EarthCheck now operates as an independent company operating its own benchmarking and certification standard which has been built to meet the new reporting and compliance standards demanded of a carbon constrained world.

Exclusively owned by EC3 Global, EarthCheck is now trusted by more than 1000 organisations in over 60 countries and used by some of the biggest names in the business. It provides a means to independently calculate Scopes One, Two and Three emissions and improve operational efficiencies.  Importantly EarthCheck reports are verified by an international network of independent auditors.

See further information on Earthceck's website.

Green Heels are in charge of EarthCheck in Iceland.

April 26, 2010
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