The ideaThe idea for was born in the summer of 2002 and has been developing ever since. The entrepreneur of is Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir, a visual artist (see CV). The idea is to use the World Wide Web as a tool to create a sustainable society. The website is both a news channel and an information network on sustainable living. The aim is to make sustainable solutions more visible for the consumers and more accessible by connecting ecological methodology in all areas together with the real goods and services available within the country.

Since its inception, the web development has been a long process involving cooperation between many parties. The prototype of the website (Nature-Nanny) was launched in the autumn of 2005. On the Nature-Nanny website the main subject was to assemble information about the environment from various sources and to provide environmental news. The Nature-Nanny web was then merged with on April 25, 2007. celebrated it's 5th birthday on April 25, 2012. On that same day was awarded the most prestigious environmental award in Iceland Kuðungurinn (The Shell) the annual Environment Award of the Ministry for the Environment for an "outstanding webpage on the environment, and it´s beneficial influence on the general public and businesses.“ Furthermore the conclusion of the jury goes on and says that „the founders and owners of the company are pioneers in this field driven by enthusiasm and care for nature and the environment.“

“The website has started a new way of thinking in the environmental consciousness of Icelanders. On the site are accumulated in one place accessible guidelines that help people to adopt a sustainable and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The website has an important role in providing information and education to the general public and companies. It is possible to obtain information about the environmental affairs of the home, on saving energy, sustainable purchasing, better usage of foodstuffs, sorting of waste, on how to sort things and were to deliver each item, and there are definitions of each waste category, and explanations of things that often confuse people. Furthermore the website stores information on how to avoid hazardous chemicals, when buying products, and there is an overview on food additives, their possible impact, and environmental labels are defined and explained.“


The English version was aired in June 2008.
The German version was aired in April 2010.

Graphic: Guðrún Tryggvadóttir and Signý Kolbeinsdóttir ©

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