Cosmetics concern the daily care of our bodies. Many cosmetics mainly aim at creating a beautifying effect as fast as possible, but do not care much about the health of the user or long time environmental impact. Cosmetics can contain both synthetic and natural chemicals. Sometimes the natural chemicals are derived directly from herbs, but often they’ve been isolated in order to produce a certain effect. Chemical names that sound unnatural can be names of certain naturally derived and isolated chemicals.

In the cosmetics section here in the Nature market all information on the package is recorded exactly in accordance with existing regulations. People can be allergic to certain chemicals, even though they may be naturally derived, such as in peanuts or in fragrances. Therefor you should carefully check all ingredients.

It is also possible to make one’s own natural cosmetics without much trouble. Masks, creams and bath oils can be made for instance from eggs, barley, cucumbers, nuts, citron and all kinds of herbs which grow wild all around Iceland and of course it is possible to use good oils. It is easy to experiment. You can start by putting your favorite herb into a bottle of good virgin oil and let it stand for a couple of days, for instance birch blades into olive oil. Wonderful!

The complete Housse and the Environment section is in the process of being translated. Please bear with us.

Aug. 13, 2011
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