Litlu álfaspilinThe Elves Little Oracle Cards were published in the week of Summer Solstice last year. The oracle cards artwork and instructions are created by Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir. This unique work is based on her insight into the world of Nature in Iceland.

In the Introduction in the little booklet that comes with The Elves Little Oracle Cards says:

“The belief in elves and hidden beings has been with us Icelanders from the beginning. The settlers took the belief with them from Ireland and Norway, or should we say; took the sensitivity and willingness needed to sense them in Nature. Many people are still connected to them today but hardly dare talk about their experience or decide it is all imagination.

It is your choice if yo see these little stories as fairy tales or if you take them as true stories. But keep in mind, next time you see a lava cliff or a rock there a whole family living in there?

I grew up in the neighbourhood of Hellisgerði Park in Hafnafjörður. The park is crowded with all kinds of hidden beings. These beings were part of my youth, part of my playmates. With these cards I want to thank them for their friendship through the years and the wonderful elf- and hidden friends I have met since then wich soma are mentioned in the cards.“

In the little booklet you'll find both instructions on how to use the cards and chapters about the meaning of each card, in Icelandic as well as in English. You can ask the cards questios such as; Where do I come from? What do I bring with me? What is my status today?, What happens next? etc. and hope to find the answers within with a little help from the cards.

The cards include symbols such as:

Tree Being, Dwarf in a Knoll, Swan, Water Spirit, The Rocky Path, Nesting, Hellisgerði Park, Púlda the Hidden Woman, Flower-garden, Hidden beings, Arctic Tern, Wind, Landscape, Treasure Chest, The Educator in Hvalfjörður, Cats, Icelandic Sheep-Dog, Birds in Self-Created Trouble, Dark Elves, The Dwarf and the Flower, Mountain Deva, Raven, Þingvellir, Owl, Angelica, Guardian Angel and more.

You can buy The Elves Little Oracle Cards here on Nature's Market.

June 12, 2011
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