Björk og blaðamennirnirAround 12.500 Icelandic citizens have signed a petition presented by Björk at a press meeting at the Nordic House last monday. The petition is aimed against the selling of Iceland’s energy resources.

The petition reads: “I urge the authorities to stop the sale of HS Orka and for Alþingi to hold a national referendum on the ownership and the utilisation of our energy resources.”.

Following the press meeting an open debate between Björk and Magma Energy's CEO Ross Beaty is taking place on Grapevine and heating up by the hour. Björk answered Ross Beaty again on Grapevine today. Read the article „We shouldn't Complete this Deal“.

The photo was shot at the Nordic House last monday, July 19. where Björk read her announcement for a group of journalists. Photo: Guðrún Tryggvadóttir.

July 23, 2010
Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir „Björk og Ross Beaty skrifast á“, Náttú July 23, 2010 URL: [Skoðað:Sept. 26, 2023]
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breytt: July 27, 2010