Rabarbía (rhubarb toffee) and two types of rhubarb jam are now for sale here in the Nature-market. The farmers, Kjartan Ágústsson and Dorothee Lubecki at Langamþri in Skeið in South Iceland, produce these delicious products.
The rhubarb fields at Langamþri are organically certified by Tún and rhubarb is the main ingredient of all the ingredients in Rabarbía. The product as such is not organically certified yet, but is expected to receive organic certification soon since the rhubarb is certified and the jam only contains unrefined cane sugar with no additives.

The Rabarbía rhubarb toffee is one of the new product development projects which was launched in cooperation with the Iceland Academy of the Arts-“Designers meet Farmers“, represented by Matís and the chief baker Örvar Birgisson. The design students Arna Rut Þorleifsdóttir, Kristín Þóra Sigurðardóttir and Stefanie Silberman met with the farmers Dorothee and Kjartan at Langamþri, which is the sole farm in Iceland actually growing rhubarb for commercial use as raw material for production. Before rhubarb had only been used for jam production but now there is a change of direction, even though jam continues to be made from a large part of the produce. The design students introduced two new tasty rhubarb products at the Food market on the 14th of March 2008, the rhubarb toffee and a 100% pure rhubarb juice with no additives; neither sugar, water or anything else.

The Icelandic Centre of Research - Rannís sponsored the project, “Designers meet Farmers,”generously so that at least some of the projects could continue from idea to production. The Rhubarb toffee was one of the ideas that was so successful that development of the final product got sponsored for ongoing research and finally went into production at Langamþri.

Because of this successful development, fully equipped production kitchen facilities were installed at Langamþri and production based on rhubarb commenced in autumn, 2008. More product development is expected and you never know what ideas and new products the farmers at Langamþri and their designers will introduce next into the market!

The rhubarb toffee is based on a sparkling childhood memory about eating rhubarb with sugar from a glass jar out in the garden on a beautiful sunny summer´s day. The raw ingredients are the same but the expression is different and the taste is wonderfully surprising. This is a sweet toffee but even so, the sour taste of rhubarb is felt through and lingers for a long time on the taste buds after the toffee has been swallowed. The toffee is unusually large, and looks like a piece of rhubarb. It is the perfect surprise present for a dinner or garden party, as something to share with a best friend or to enjoy on one’s own, eaten like the rhubarb enjoyed during childhood.

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See the location of Löngumþri and further iformation on the farm on the Green Pages.

Dec. 10, 2008
Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir „Rabarbía vörurnar komnar á Náttúrumarkað“, Náttúran.is: Dec. 10, 2008 URL: http://natturan.is/d/2008/12/07/rabarbia-komin-natturumarkao/ [Skoðað:Sept. 24, 2023]
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