Nature's Market is an online store dealing in natural and eco-labeled products, and is built in the form of a departmentalized store. You select a department with a product selection that interests you and from there you can browse your way between departments at any time from the links on the right side of the page. You can also search for specific products with the search engine which is located here by Sniffy to the right Searchor you can narrow the search even further down to producer, label or certification by opening the “Search“ tab.

The shopping cart and following expense:

You can view every product you have placed in the shopping cart simply by clicking on Cart. An image of the product will appear if you move the cursor over its name. That way you can always see what you have in the cart. Cost of delivery can be seen on the line with the package. The line itself represents 1kg, the brown part of it the weight of selected products and the green color represents the maximum weight you can buy for the same amount of delivery cost*.

You can view both the products price with the sale tax included as well as the cost of delivery. When you shop on Nature's-Market you are paying for the product delivered straight to your doorstep.

Once you have decided what to buy you click on the “View cart and buy. If you are satisfied with the selection you proceed to the checkout.

Paying for the package and delivery:

Once you have clicked on the Proceed to checkout a page will pop up where you need to register the receiver as well as the social security number of the one receiving the invoice. Once you have filled that out click on Pay. A pop-up will then inform you that you are being moved to a different server.

From there you will proceed to the secure site of Korta (Kortaþjónustan Ltd.) where credit card details are disclosed and payment is finalized. Credit card details are thus disclosed only to Korta. See also “Conditions & Terms”.

If an order is received before 12pm the package will generally be delivered the next business day but if the order is received past 12pm the package will generally be delivered 2 business days later**.

*Delivery cost is based on the Post´s price list (Íslandspóstur).

**If the order is to be delivered inside the country of Iceland.

Sept. 10, 2011
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