Teitur Torkelsson, founder and managing partner of FTO Sustainable Solutions

What do you expect to be the main issues under discussion at the Sept. 13-14 Driving Sustainability international conference in Iceland?

The near-term potential of electricity and biofuels for powering cars, trucks and buses along with the right policies and co-operation of different players to implement this system change in an urban setting is how I would describe the focus this year. We will be using a lot of examples of technologies and policies that are working well in the Nordic countries and many of our participants will be from this region, but also from the USA, Japan and Europe. Right now, biogas is a big untapped resource as a transportation fuel, as it is being produced economically from sewage and landfills, and the cars and buses are already running and saving their owners money. Such biogas production is a great way to make cities and communities more sustainable. Hybrids, plug-in hybrids and EVs are fast becoming a money saving option, especially if accompanied with financial incentives from governments and business models that spread the extra cost of the still expensive batteries over the lifetime of the vehicle.

How does this event differ from other automotive industry conferences and trade shows?

Driving Sustainability is not only about clean cars or clean fuels, but more about integrating all the factors needed for system change and tangible steps towards sustainable mobility. It's about showing the way forward. Technology is only one piece of the puzzle. We add the sharing of policy ideas for companies, municipal and state leadership, urban planning and behavioral change with a good deal of inspiration. At this event you personally experience the production of clean power for transport through short field trips, get to hear about the latest trends in the increased use of biogas and electricity, test drive new vehicles and participate in creating new solutions. It's a multi-industry meeting point with a lot of different people with entrepreneurial, technical, academic, industrial and political backgrounds. Implementation of sustainable mobility solutions requires that all these sectors work together and that some action is taken. We have talking heads, but also serious networking and real steps forward.

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Aug. 6, 2009
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