Svínafell 1
785 Öræfi

On the Green Map:

Local Business

Innovative local businesses that use natural resources and eco-friendly/self-sustaining methods of production.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is a cultural health phenomenon in Iceland. Here we map swimming pools of all sizes, usually managed by the municipalities. Warm indoor and outdoor swimming facilities heated, in most cases with geothermal sources.

Certifications. Labels and Awards:

The Vatnajökull Region WOW!

Vatnajökull Region ltd. is a cluster of Southeast Iceland tourism, food and culture companies. The purpose of the cluster is that of marketing the region, with emphasis on winter,  developing products and building and improving infrastructure and encouraging cooperation and unity within the cluster. Objectives are to increase efficiency in the tourist industry in Southeast Iceland and to market the local food and tourist industry under a single trademark that of; The Vatnajökull Region WOW!.