Endurvinnslan hf. (Recycling Ltd) was founded in 1989 by law nr. 52/1989 and is operated according to regulation nr. 368/2000. Endurvinnslan is the only company in Iceland that pays deposit for bottles and cans.

Iceland was the first country in the world to set up a deposit system on a national scale for wide range of containers. Endurvinnslan has 60 return facilities all over Iceland where people can get their deposit paid back. In our return facility in Knarravogur it´s not necessary to sort or count bottles and cans as long as they are intact. In other return facilities you have to sort and count bottles and cans to get deposit.

The deposit is now the same for all bottles and cans ISK 14,-. All ready-to-drink beverages, wine and liquor excluding milk, milk products and juice to blend. The recycling rate for Endurvinnslan has historically been approximately 85%, but in the year 2011 it has gone up to 87%.About 750 tons of aluminum cans, 3500 tons of glass bottles and 1800 tons of PET are brought to Endurvinnslan every year. Quality of the scraps is high leveled.

All return facilities are located on our Recycle Map here on Nature.is.

Knarrarvogur 4
104 Reykjavík